About Us


Ava and Jackson. Sophie and Sebastian. Mitchell, Olivia, Liam and Zach.

At CRUZ + CO., there’s quite an impressive list of names we’ve chalked up on the board. Each possesses an unmistakable spark and spirit, cheekiness, humour, and full-to-the-brim with personality. So, apart from the stockpile of nappies, the dreamiest nursery décor and more love (and smooches) than you can ever imagine, what’s the most significant thing you’ve given your child? The very thing that makes them, them? It’s their name. At CRUZ + CO., we believe that’s worth celebrating.



I’m Bec, mother, fashionista, big kid at heart and founder of CRUZ + CO. The story behind the CRUZ + CO. name began with the arrival of my son, Cruz. I quickly grew tired of hunting through poor-quality ‘kiddy’ apparal in garish colours, plastered in cutesy motifs and cringeworthy slogans. I wanted to dress my son in something stylish, simple and undeniably him. I wanted bespoke products made with conscience, complete with an off-the-rack price point. While just one name inspired the launch of CRUZ + CO. in 2014, every new one embroidered on our products continues to fuel the CRUZ + CO. mission. Nothing has us squeezing rosy cheeks or blowing raspberries more than seeing kids across Australia take first steps in funky threads, popping a new tooth under a flat-brimmed hat, or sound asleep after a long day, wrapped in their bathrobe. And all putting their stamp on living life in style.



CRUZ + CO. personalised clothing and accessories may induce a severe case of wardrobe envy, but you can also expect these marks of quality: 

- Premium quality fabrics.

- 5-Star customer service. (We know kids don’t hold back on telling it like it is!)

- Custom-made orders with no minimum quantity required.

- Unrivalled craftsmanship on all embroidery.

- Stylish alternatives to mainstream children’s wear that can withstand rough and ready use, and plenty of dribble. 

- Practical items your children will use, every day of the week. From comfy cotton Tees to cosy personalised kid’s hoodies, rockstar flat-brimmed caps, embroidered children’s towels and robes, and insulated lunchboxes  - I’m proud to put my name to CRUZ + CO. I know you’ll be thrilled to see your little one’s name on it, too.